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New iPhone rumors: Everything we know so far

As fall draws near, the likelihood of iPhone news continues to grow. In the past year alone, we’ve heard rumors of new chargers, bizarre triple cameras, and a rather derivative design coming down the pipeline from Apple. Now, as September quickly approaches, we’re just a bit closer to uncovering the truth.

September is traditionally a big month for Apple since many of its launch keynotes have taken place at this time. And this year is looking to be no exception. We’re expecting some kind of phone-related event taking place during the month with a launch to follow.

But what kind of phone are we talking about, exactly? Which of the rumors have panned out and which ones are pure bunk? We answer these questions and more with the latest iPhone hints and rumors from around the web. Get your hype engines ready, because the latest iPhone might be only weeks away from your doorstep.

“Pros” and cons of the new iPhone

A number of rumors have been buzzing around the web surrounding the impending release of the so-called “iPhone 11.” While we don’t know for sure if that’s the new handset’s official moniker, analysts and forecasters are sticking with it as a shorthand.

So for the sake of consistency, we’ll be using that name for the time being. For the iPhone 11 launch, analysts are expecting three different models: A budget model much like the current iPhone XR, a basic iPhone 11, and a “Plus” sized model that may or may not be called the “iPhone Pro.”

Previously, we’ve addressed rumors that Apple would be ditching its long-lived Lightning connector in favor of USB-C like on the iPad Pro. Alas, this rumor does not seem to be panning out.

Noted reliable analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo, has said that the company is continuing to stick with Lighting this time around, but will be introducing new hardware with improved Face ID, faster wireless antennas and two-way wireless charging. This means you can actually charge your AirPods or any other Qi-compatible devices directly on your phone in a pinch.

The other most common hardware leak we’ve seen so far is reports of a triple-lens camera, which seems more likely at this point than not. This is because several of the leaks come from case manufacturers who would need to know the shape of the phone before they even begin designing compatible accessories.

Rumors, however, are inconsistent on which phones in Apple’s lineup would contain the new camera array. Some outlets, like the Wall Street Journal, claim only the “iPhone Pro” will have the new camera system. Others aren’t so sure.

One feature rumored to be leaving all new models of iPhone, however, is 3D touch. If you find yourself wondering what that is, you’re not alone. The feature, which gives additional options on the screen when you physically push down on your display, wasn’t very commonly used. In fact, it’s already absent from the current iPhone XR, so this rumor at least has some meat behind it.

Save the date(s)

One of the most important pieces of information making the rounds is the new iPhone’s actual announcement date. According to reports from a SoftBank investor meeting in Japan, president Ken Miyauchi revealed the new phone’s launch date in response to questions about regulatory changes.

By his estimate, the phone will launch 10 days before a new law is supposed to go into effect in Japan, which points to a launch date of Friday, September 20. A keynote, logically, should fit in about 10 days prior — with a pre-order window opening about a week before launch.

So if you’re hoping to get your hands on the latest from Tim Cook and friends, mark your calendars for mid-to-late September. Fall, historically, has been iPhone season for several years now but the latest leaks all but confirm that this pattern will go unchanged.

Now, all that remains is to see what the reaction will be to a phone that’s only marginally different with improved guts and a large, odd-looking camera. Previous “mid-cycle” iPhones have seen more tepid responses from consumers in the past. Whether Apple has some additional tricks up its sleeve in time for its September launch remains to be seen.

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