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What to expect from Apple’s WWDC 2018 conference next week

On Monday, June 4, Apple is set to take the tech limelight once more, as its annual Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicks off yet again at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California.

WWDC is where the tech giant presents its latest updates to the operating systems running across its entire product inventory – iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS.

It is also a venue for its unveiling of new hardware and services that are on the horizon. It will truly be another exciting week not just for Apple fans but for technology aficionados in general.

Here’s everything that we are expecting to see from Apple’s WWDC conference next week:

iOS 12

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WWDC is traditionally a showcase for Apple’s software and developers so we will most likely see a sneak preview of iOS 12, Apple’s mobile operating system for iPhones and iPads.

We’re still expecting the unveiling of major feature updates for iOS 12 but as we reported earlier this year, some of the big changes might be delayed until 2019.

Given the numerous bugs we’ve seen on iOS 11, Apple is apparently focusing more on strengthening the reliability and performance of iOS 12.

Still, we should see a demo of all the iOS 12 major updates like the rumored home screen overhaul, improved CarPlay, new augmented reality features, and a new iOS time-management tool called “Digital Health” (this is similar to Android P’s Digital Well Being feature).

There are also reports saying that Apple may finally open up the iPhone’s NFC abilities to third-party developers. This could allow nifty features like instant device pairing and quick short-range communications typically used for door keys and contactless payments.

We might also see more Face ID and gesture recognition features to complement the iPhone X and the rumored Face ID enabled iPhones coming later this year.

Apple Watch and watchOS 5

On the Apple Watch front, we will most likely see new watch faces (who knows? maybe even third-party ones). Other rumors point to a new Apple Watch push notification system called “StreamKit.”

And finally, we might also see the much-requested Spotify Apple Watch app. The latter will be a great addition since full Spotify control is one of the things the Apple Watch sorely lacks.

macOS 10.14

There are no big rumors about macOS but one exciting feature that keeps popping up is cross-integration between iOS and macOS apps, making it easier for cross-platform apps to share a real-time user interface.

iPhone SE 2

Are we going to see an upgrade to Apple’s entry-level iPhone? Rumors say we might. The iPhone SE 2 may come with an upgraded, faster processor at the same price point as its predecessor.

MacBook refresh

Aside from processor bumps across the MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air lines, rumors are also pointing to a cheaper price point for the current MacBook. Other reports are saying that a new 13-inch MacBook with a Retina Display is also on tap.

iPad Pro

The entry-level iPad got a refresh a few months ago so we could see an upgrade to the iPad Pro.

Will Apple follow the iPhone X design trend and go with significantly thinner bezels on the next iPad Pro? The edge-to-edge design is touted as the future of iOS gadgets so it won’t be a surprise if it makes it to iPad line.

Another iPhone X design that will likely make it to the next iPad Pro is the absence of the physical Home button.

We’re hoping that these thinner bezels and Face ID will finally make it to iPad Pro line this year to differentiate it further from the regular iPad line.

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Another Apple product we might finally see is the AirPower, a charging mat that can wirelessly juice up your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods simultaneously.

Although Apple announced the AirPower together with the iPhone 8 and iPhone X last year, there’s no pricing nor release date yet. We’re still expecting it to drop sometime in 2018 and WWDC is the perfect time to unveil it.

Upgraded AirPods

Rumors are also pointing to an upgraded version of the AirPods that will be released in the second half of 2018.

There aren’t any substantial details about the upgrades but the second-gen AirPods may include a “smaller quartz component” and they will be compatible with the new AirPower charging mat.

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