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We finally know when Apple will unveil its new iPhones, other gadgets

Every year, Apple hosts a highly-anticipated event where they unveil the newest iPhone. It puts an end to months of rumors and predictions, all of which were in an effort to figure out what was coming next.

That’s not to say all the chatter was unfounded or useless, because most of the guesses are of the educated variety. Some details were leaked, while others were figured out with a tiny bit of detective work.

But sooner or later we were going to find out what Apple will be bringing us for certain, and now we know when that will be. So buckle up, because it’s coming soon.

Prepare for the arrival of the newest iPhones and more

Apple on Thursday sent out invitations for its annual fall event, in which they traditionally unveil the newest iPhones as well as perhaps some other devices. That could include the new Apple Watch and a new iPad.

Whatever is shown, it will all happen on Sept. 12 in Cupertino, California. That’s a Wednesday, by the way.

As for what to expect — well, a lot.

A bigger and better iPhone

Rumors are Apple will show off three new iPhones. One will be an updated version of the iPhone X, which made headlines with its 5.8-inch screen, while another will have a 6.1-inch screen but have an LCD screen — not OLED — and thus be less expensive.

The other phone, which is the headliner, is expected to be an even larger iPhone X. In fact, with a 6.5-inch screen it is set to be the largest iPhone ever.

All three phones are expected to have new tech, along with no home button. Instead they will rely on Face ID, with the prices varying depending on which model you prefer.

An entry-level MacBook, perhaps?

The MacBook has undergone a handful of changes over the years, but few have really been met with any kind of fanfare. This year could be different.

According to some, the belief is the MacBook Air line may be altogether dropped in favor of a new, low-price MacBook. It would be similar to a MacBook Pro, coming without existing ports such as the SD Card slot, USB 3, Thunderbolt and MagSafe 2 in lieu of a single USB-C port.

It may also incorporate Touch ID with the power button but unlike the MacBook Air, this 13-inch version will have a Retina Display.

How about an even better Apple Watch?

There is a feeling that this will be the year the Apple Watch finally gets some advanced health monitoring sensors. What exactly does that mean for the popular watch?

The rumor is that this could mean an EKG heart monitor and/or a non-invasive blood sugar sensor. Those features, while great, would be groundbreaking and in turn make the Apple Watch an even better gadget for many to wear.

That’s not all

Those are some of the bigger items that could be first seen on Sept. 12, but they don’t make up the entirety of the event. A wireless charger for all Apple gadgets could be on the way, as well as updated AirPods, a high-end Mac Pro and of course, iOS 12.

There could also be a new Mac OS and a new iPad Pro, which could come with Face ID technology.

For a look at everything Apple could bring to the table next month, tap or click here.

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