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Watch out! New iOS bug freezing iPhones

Do you use your iPhone’s Control Center? It’s the menu that appears when you swipe up at the bottom of your screen. This short cut leads to tools like your flashlight and the airplane mode button.

A man in Italy named Kevin found a bug in this shortcut menu. If you hit three different buttons from three different rows at the same exact time then your iPhone will freeze. For instance, pressing the Do Not Disturb Button (crescent moon), the AirDrop button, and the calculator will cause your phone to become unresponsive.

But why would you ever press three buttons at once? Maybe a friend is claiming it’s a cool new iPhone trick that they just discovered.

Luckily, this prank is pretty harmless. If you fall for it then all you need to do is turn your phone off and turn it back on. Watch Kevin’s video below (or click here) to see how this bug works and its simple solution.

Although this particular bug is harmless, other operating system issues can put your privacy at risk or cause your phone to run slower. Apple releases the fixes to these bugs in the form of software updates. Here’s how to download the latest iOS updates:

  • To get the update from your device, go into your “Settings” app and select “General.” From there, select “Software Update” and your device will begin to check for updates. Then select “Download and Install.”
  • To get the update from iTunes, connect your device to a computer, open iTunes, and select your device from the menu in your iTunes Library. Select “Summary” and then click on “Check for Update.” Finally, select “Download and Update” and wait for the update to sync to your device.

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