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Watch it now! Samsung’s new ad is all about Apple’s iPhone

One of the best parts about the tech industry is the competition among companies who make very similar products. Nowhere is the fun more prevalent than in the cellphone industry, be it with carriers (like how the former “Can you hear me now?” guy is now hawking Sprint phones) or the manufacturers themselves.

The newest salvo comes courtesy of Samsung, who is taking a shot at Apple for the trouble they got in for throttling phones. Remember that story? It came out last fall, and it was not a fun time for the folks in Cupertino.

Essentially, it was discovered that Apple was intentionally slowing older phones down. They said it was designed to help phones with dying batteries still perform, while others believed it was a ploy to get people to buy new phones.

Whatever the reason, Apple has paid for it ever since

Shockingly, there wasn’t a long line of people looking to thank Apple for throttling phones. So, in a way to try and get back in everyone’s good graces, the tech giant decided to discount its battery replacement program.

For anyone with an iPhone 6 or newer, what would normally be a $79 charge for a battery replacement was dropped to $29. The promotion is good through the end of 2018, and it’s one anyone with a dying iPhone should absolutely look into.

But while that is all well and good, don’t think for a second that Apple’s rivals are not going to use the mess to their advantage. Trying to tout the virtues of the Galaxy line of phones, Samsung’s new commercial takes a direct shot at Apple’s issue.

It features a woman whose iPhone 6 is too slow to load a boarding pass for a plane, lags while she’s trying to use it on the flight, struggles to get her a ride upon landing — while it’s raining — and, when she finally gets in a car, can’t load directions to her destination.

Finally, she just tells the driver to take her to an Apple store, which is where the commercial really hits Apple hard.

After asking the employee if the phone could be fixed that night because “it’s really slow,” the woman is told she can turn off the performance management feature “but it may lead to unexpected shutdowns.”

The woman’s response?

“Battery throttling.”

The employee then suggests she can just upgrade the phone, at which point we realize Samsung was not holding back with this ad. The commercial ends with the woman leaving the Apple Store en route to purchasing a Galaxy, during which we get a look at another very subtle troll job on Samsung’s part.

Did you catch it? At about the :49 mark she sees a father and son whose haircuts look a lot like that notch people don’t like on the iPhone X.

Ultimately she gets her Galaxy, at which point the commercial reaches its happy ending.

But really, which is better: iPhone 10 or Galaxy s9?

For that, we’ll look at the specs. Although, a bigger question will be whether diehard Apple users will switch to Samsung’s Android smartphone or vice versa. Time will tell, but for now read this.

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