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Video proves that Facebook is always listening

Chances are that you are one of Facebook’s 2 billion users. Their messenger app alone has nearly 1 billion users. Your phone probably has a camera and a GPS, and it certainly has a microphone. Did you know that by using the Facebook service you are giving them nearly unlimited access to these features? Can you imagine how much data is constantly being generated? How much do they know about you?

You probably carry your smartphone with you everywhere you go. It records your GPS locations, it has the ability to take photos and videos of your life, and it has a microphone that, if you’re not careful, could be recording you all the time. This sounds creepy, but imagine that you were wearing a microphone and being followed by a camera crew everywhere you go, like a Kardashian.

More and more evidence comes to light each day that suggests that Facebook is spying on you constantly in order to serve you with more targeted advertisements.

The advertising spy in the palm of your hand

One popular YouTuber decided to test just how far Facebook would go to target advertisements. Was Facebook messenger listening to his conversations? The results were a bit frightening, and the video exploded on YouTube soon after.

The YouTuber, going by the name Neville, decided that he and his wife would talk about cat food. Just talk about it, not search or type it anywhere. The couple does not own a cat, and they haven’t for 20 years, but if they spoke about cat food enough in their conversations, would it affect their Facebook ads?

Shockingly after only two days of sporadic conversations dropping the term “cat food,” lo and behold, Facebook began pushing ads for Hill’s Pet Nutrition Science Diet to his account.

Was Facebook listening to his conversations? Is it a coincidence? Is this entire video an elaborate hoax to rile people up?

Check it out yourself over on our video site, or in the video link above.

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