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Video: See the new iPhone fail drop tests

You went out and got that brand new iPhone. You know, the one that was super expensive but is really, really cool.

Whether you got the Xs or Xs Max, the point is you are now at the top of the phone game and have spent all your time downloading apps and enjoying all the device has to offer. In fact, you can barely put the thing down.

And then, suddenly, it slips out of your grasp. Life seems to be moving in slow motion as you watch your new iPhone descend to the Earth, perhaps with you making a noise or even reaching out to try and catch it.

With any luck you will, otherwise …

Now, none of us ever plans on dropping our phones. We understand that it happens — in fact, we probably know someone whose phone has a nice big crack in the screen because it went from someone’s hand or a table to the ground rather abruptly.

But we don’t expect it to happen to us and our vise grip. But if by some tragedy it did, according to SquareTrade, the iPhone Xs and Xs Max are not likely to survive the impact.

A device insurer, SquareTrade, performed some drop tests on the gadgets and found that both are prone to shattering when dropped from six feet above the ground. That may not necessarily come as a surprise, except for the fact that Apple says the Xs and Xs Max, with their 5.8 and 6.5-inch screens, respectively, had the most durable glass ever in a smartphone.

To be fair, SquareTrade did find the newest phones to be more durable than their predecessors.

Fun Fact: While the screens struggle to survive the fall, SquareTrade said both the iPhone Xs and Xs Max both survived being submerged in 5 feet of beer for 30 minutes without sustaining any damage.

Not all drops are the same

It should be a given that the drop distance is a factor, as a fall from just a few feet is less likely to cause damage than one from six or even more. Furthermore, how the phone hits the ground can make a big impact on the result, too.

However, a front-down drop test from six feet led to essentially the same results for both phones, which was a shattered screen and loose glass for the Xs Max. Things were worse for the Xs, which also saw its touchscreen being ruined to the point where it was inoperable.

The phones were also put through a 60-second tumble test that led to the screens suffering hairline cracks, loose glass and scratches. The Xs suffered more than the Xs Max, as it cracked under 250 pounds of pressure and had a complete screen failure.

In all, SquareTrade gave the Xs Max a durability grade of 70, which means it has a “medium risk” of breakability, while the Xs earned an 86, which is “high risk.”

Broken screens are not cheap to replace

Should the unfortunate happen and your phone’s screen become a casualty, the cost to fix it will not be minimal. Barring insurance or warranties, it will run around $279 to fix a broken screen for the Xs and $329 to do the same for the Xs Max.

Other repairs can run up to $600 or so.

So, it would behoove you not to drop your phone. But if you do, it would not hurt to have some sort of protective case on it. Unless it’s this case, there is no guarantee it will save your phone, but it could help.

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