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Update your iPhone! 13.1 fixes bugs in Apple’s new operating system

The latest iPhones have arrived at last and with them a brand new version of Apple’s long-running operating system: iOS 13. The highly-anticipated update promised a number of exciting new features, design tweaks and performance improvements for multiple models of iPhone. But, unfortunately for Apple, not everything unfolded exactly as planned.

Despite record excitement for iOS 13, many users felt disappointed with what’s been deemed a “problematic” update. Between security issues and general bugginess, iPhone owners across the spectrum found themselves wishing for a way to roll back their phones to iOS 12.

In light of these issues, Apple has accelerated the release of the first major update to iOS 13. This new edition of its latest OS not only patches bugs from the previous version but streamlines the experience so users can enjoy iOS 13 the way it was intended. We’ll show you how you can download iOS 13.1 for yourself, as well as why it’s finally worthwhile to make the switch.

A bumpy first impression

There have been numerous reports of bugs and software instability in Apple’s newly released iOS 13 update. Some of the issues were more mild, like the freezing and crashing typical to buggy updates.

But others were severe enough on the privacy and security front to warrant an outcry. One such bug, for example, automatically reset location settings for specific apps from “Never” to “Ask me next time.” Others included a glitch that bypassed the passcode lock and granted full access to contacts, as well as another that gives third-party keyboards unauthorized access to data.

In response to the backlash, Apple fast-tracked its bug fixes and released a stability update in iOS version 13.1. This update is now available for all users, and Apple is urging anyone on iOS 13.0 to update immediately.

That said, even if you haven’t updated to iOS 13, version 13.1 appears to have addressed most of the bugs that made iOS 13 unworkable. In many ways, this should be seen as the “true” release of iOS 13 and should be a safe jumping-on point for new users.

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What does iOS 13.1 fix? How can I get it?

According to Apple, iOS 13.1 fixes a number of the operating system’s most glaring glitches, with the most notable ones being the passcode flaw. Additionally, it adds a few extra goodies, like being able to share ETAs with friends and family members via the Maps app.

What the update does not fix, however, is the third-party keyboard glitch mentioned above. Apple announced on its support website that this glitch will be addressed in an “upcoming software update,” so in the meantime, stick to the default keyboard on iOS 13.

Some of the new features you’ll find in iOS 13 include Dark Mode, revamped to-do lists and notes, and security features like Sign In with Apple.

Getting iOS 13.1 on to your phone is easy.

To get started:

  • Open the Settings app on your device and scroll down to General.
  • Next, tap Software Update and you’ll be taken to the landing page for iOS 13.
  • Select Download and Install, which will begin the process of loading your new operating system.

While you’re on the landing page, make sure to check Automatic Updates, which will install critical security patches and bug fixes overnight while you sleep. This will help your iPhone stay a step ahead of hackers and the zero-day glitches they aim to exploit. This may also help address some of the recently discovered bugs and get you access to patches more quickly.

More than just iOS

Interestingly, iOS 13.1 isn’t the only new software release you can grab from Apple today. With the release of iOS 13, Apple has disentangled the iPad from its clutches into a brand new operating system called iPadOS that will exclusively tailor its features to suit the tablet’s unique hardware.

This software completely overhauls the iPad’s interface to feel and work more like a traditional laptop and can be downloaded using the same process outlined above. Simply visit Settings >> General >> Software Update on your iPad to get started.

Not to be left behind either, the Apple TV’s tvOS receives its own version 13, which includes access to Apple Arcade, multiple users, and general bug fixes.

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