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Ticketmaster now shows you the view from any seat in the house

Ever bought concert or game tickets online only to be utterly disappointed with the views from your assigned seats?

Maybe the angle is just off or the seats are simply just too far away for a truly enjoyable experience. With rising admission prices, of course, you want to maximize the money you’re spending and get the best seats you can afford.

Ticketmaster is aiming to help its customers out by introducing this new feature that it hopes will take the guesswork out of choosing the right venue seats.

3D Virtual Venue

Ticketmaster is rolling out a new feature to its websites and apps that will allow customers to preview any seat in a venue before they purchase their tickets.

Developed in partnership with IOMedia, the technology, dubbed Virtual Venue, uses 3D wireframe models of each venue based on assets such as CAD files, site surveys and photos. Lighting effects, textures and branding are then applied to offer a realistic rendering of what each seat’s view will look like.

With the use of gyroscopic and panoramic functions, users can even pan and look around the virtual venue by moving their phones or alternatively, by using a mouse on the website.

The company said that this can actually speed up ticket purchasing times since the customers will decide quicker if they have a clear idea of what views they’re getting with particular seats.

Currently, there are 110 venues across North America and Australia with Virtual Venue support, including the Madison Square Garden and the LA Coliseum.

Ticketmaster said it will bring the technology to more sites and events in the future and is in the process of building 3D models for European venues as well.

What do you think? Will Ticketmaster’s Virtual Venue revolutionize the online ticket buying experience? Drop us a comment!

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