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This virus cryptojacks your phone and can literally melt it

We wrote about this new kind of malware called Loapi recently. It’s nicknamed the “jack of all trades” of mobile malware – it can be adware, it can turn your phone into a botnet for DDoS attacks, it can do premium text scams and most importantly, it can cryptojack your gadget.

What is cryptojacking? It’s a new method for hackers to generate revenue for themselves at your expense. Basically, they hijack your gadget and secretly use its computing power to mine cryptocurrencies like Monero.

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With all these different tasks, it can be active around the clock and overwork your phone and literally burn it to the ground.

In fact, security researchers had their test phone infected with Loapi and watched it overheat and burn within 48 hours, killing it completely.

As we explained earlier, Loapi relentlessly strains your gadget’s processor, causing it to overheat, which can then cause its battery to expand and its internal components to melt. That’s an ugly way for a gadget to die.

How does it infect gadgets?

We finally know how the Loapi mobile malware spreads. It is mainly distributed by web redirections via malicious ad campaigns. Security researchers found 20 such domains that display ad banners that harbor the Loapi installer. These sites typically offer some sort of “anti-virus protection” and pornographic content.

How to stay safe

As usual, beware of installing applications straight off the web and not from the official Google Play Store. Stay away from questionable websites and if you happen to click on an ad banner, watch out for software that it might install. Also, look out for surprise app permission requests that might pop out and never grant them!

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