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Secret Samsung Galaxy S8 feature is game-changing

I’m sure you remember the debacle that was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Flaws in the popular phone that caused the battery to overheat and catch fire forced the company to end production and do a total recall.

Now, Samsung is hoping to turn things around with its latest and greatest smartphone. It may have pulled it off. There’s one surprising new feature in the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus that was not really announced but it could actually change the game of audio streaming.

Dual Bluetooth audio output

As we revealed in the Samsung Galaxy S8 launch, the latest flagship phone also supports the new Bluetooth 5.0 protocol and it is actually the first smartphone to do that.

Bluetooth 5.0 is a huge leap from its predecessor, Bluetooth 4.0. It has double the bandwidth speed (2 Mb/s), four times the range, and it supports long-range low energy, which allows for more efficient connections.

Due to these bandwidth improvements, there’s one secret ability that only the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 phones can do right now. That’s the ability to stream audio to two Bluetooth devices at the same time!

This means you can play music on two speakers or headphones simultaneously, great for jamming out on tunes with a friend without a need for a splitter. This will also be great for multi-room audio around the house.

Samsung claims that “the two connected devices may exhibit a slight difference in sound output,” but this is still a fantastic feature to have.

Note: Remember the S8 phones that support Ultra High-Quality Audio Playback retain the traditional headphone jack. This great for audiophiles looking for great sound on a smartphone. The S8’s also ship with free high-quality AKG earbuds (valued at $99) in the box!

Another first for the S8 is the support for mobile LTE-U connections and this theoretically allows gigabit data speeds over a cell network. Cell carriers haven’t rolled out this network protocol on a national scale yet but once they do, the Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Plus will be ready for these blazingly fast cell data speeds.

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