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Take better iPhone photos with these bite-sized camera lessons from Apple

Photo filters are a funny thing. These preset effects can make even the worst picture look kind of edgy. They trick us into thinking we’re masters of smartphone photography.

Let’s be honest with ourselves! We could all stand to learn a thing or two. Whether you can’t take a selfie without chopping off part of your face or you let bad lighting stand in the way of a photo op, you’ll find one of these tips pretty helpful.

Apple recently uploaded several tutorial videos to YouTube that teach iPhone 7/iPhone 7 Plus owners how to capture the perfect image. Although these videos are intended for people with the latest version of the phone, several of these hacks will work for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Your crash course in iPhone photography starts now! *Helpful hint* Watching their tutorials on your iPhone gives you the best view.

Taking a decent photo of a moving subject is hard enough. But if you want a great action shot then you must capture the peak of excitement. If your action shots are blurry or uneventful then you’ll love this tip.

You can’t always use your flash in low-light situations. Maybe flash photography is prohibited because it distracts the performer or maybe the bright light would ruin the mood. This little tip is the solution.

This next hack is great for your next travel adventure. Let’s say you want to snap a picture of your friend standing in front of a tall monument or mountain. This trick makes it so that you get everything in one shot.

Are you ready for a close-up? Tight shots bring our attention to the tiny details. But getting too close can make the photo blurry and zooming in degrades the quality. Watch this video and your close-ups will come out just right.

Unfortunately, this last tip is only relevant if you have an iPhone 7 Plus. The new “Portrait” setting, which blurs the background to make the subject stand out, is only available on this particular device because it has an extra lens.

In addition to these YouTube videos, Apple now has a new page on their site with more “how-to” videos. You can also visit this Apple support page that has basic instructions for taking and editing photos.

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