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Swype, as we know it, is on the way out

If there is one problem with trying to type on touchscreen phones, it is that it is hard to do. Unlike a normal keyboard that is easy to type on, touchscreen phones, with no raised keys or any gaps to separate them, are a bit more difficult to manage.

Before auto-correct (and, honestly, even after) typos were a regular occurrence because it’s nearly impossible to hit the right letter every time, especially if you have adult-sized fingers and are not planning on spending five minutes typing your message or email.

Predictive text is one helpful tool, but the ability to just slide a finger across the screen, going from letter to letter to form a word, is a much smoother way to go. Then along came voice commands and suddenly, we really don’t have to type at all.

Yeah…about that

The technology behind that sliding text feature is known as “Swype,” and it has been around for a while in Android phones and, with the help of apps, iPhones. If you’ve used it, you know it’s fast and you could text with one hand!

Anyway, four years ago, Nuance bought Swype for about $100 million. Now it’s decided to stop developing the app, on both Android and iPhone. While the sliding typing was innovative at the time, as we all know times change and time changes even more quickly in the technology world. The company wants to focus more on the development of AI. Maybe we’ll all have robots to do the texting for us.

So goodbye Swype, it’s been nice using you, but we’re moving on to Alexa and Siri and I’m sure a whole new host of voice-driven programs. While the app is no longer available in the Google Play or iOS App Stores, people who already have it can still use it as normal and still access tech support for another few months.

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