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Smartphones with the best battery life

Smartphone technology is always marching forward, progressing rapidly with new hardware improvements with each iteration and model revision. Faster processors, infinity displays, better cameras, waterproofing, facial recognition – the list goes on.

However, there’s one essential hardware component that seems to be lagging behind – the battery. We are still waiting for that big technology breakthrough that will revolutionize how we go about charging (and discharging) our smartphones. For now, we are stuck with the current standard of batteries – lithium-ion.

And what’s the use of having all these fancy features if your smartphone battery can’t even last through a full day?

Consumer Reports Battery Tests

From around 50 smartphones in Consumer Reports’ (CR) pool of ratings, they decided to review and find the smartphones with the best battery life.

With large battery capacities plus processors and wireless connections that automatically adjust power consumption, they managed to trim down the list to five smartphones whose battery life truly stood out from the rest.

Consumer Reports’ smartphone battery testing is as high tech as the gadgets they’re testing. According to CR, their lab testers use “a robotic arm that simulates what a person might do with a smartphone throughout an average day without taking a break.”

This includes browsing the internet, picture taking, GPS navigation and phone calls.

So armed with this exhaustive data, here are the top five smartphones that Consumer Reports picked as having the best battery life.

Best battery life doesn’t equal the best phone

As Consumer Reports pointed out, “the best battery life doesn’t automatically mean a great overall phone.”

Noticeably absent from the list are Apple and Samsung’s flagship phones. Considering these gadgets may have the best groundbreaking features (and maybe because of it), compared to the phones in the list, they have less than stellar battery performance.

The phones in their list are just that – they have the longest and therefore, best battery life.

Here’s a chart of Consumer Reports’ top five smartphones with the best battery performance:

 RankModelBattery HoursWireless ChargingBattery Capacity (MaH)
1Motorola Moto Z Play34.5No3,510
2Samsung J7 Prime30.5No3,300
3Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge30Yes3,600
4OnePlus 529No3,300
5Samsung Galaxy J729No3,600

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