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Siri saves sick girl and her family from raging Harvey floodwaters

Doesn’t it seem like teens live on their smartphones? Research says that the average teen spends almost 41 days a year mesmerized by their smartphone, or two hours and 40 minutes a day. But perhaps this isn’t all that bad when you consider how teens are now depending more and more on technology.

Take, for example, 14-year-old Tyler Frank. Tyler, her mother, and three brothers live in Houston, Texas. On August 27 after Hurricane Harvey made landfall, their home quickly filled up with water. The family tried to call 911 and other emergency services but were unable to get help due to the high volume of other emergencies.

Tyler even tried going on Facebook and pleaded for help. No one responded.

Then, she had an idea on how she could get immediate assistance for herself and her family.

She asked Siri for help and Siri delivered.

“I was like, Siri’s smart enough! Let me ask her!” That’s when Tyler prompted Siri to call the Coast Guard.

The next morning, a helicopter arrived and Tyler and her family were picked up. As if being stranded by the flooding wasn’t enough, Tyler was fighting a 103-degree fever and was taken to Texas Children’s Hospital.

For all the times that Siri may have let you down, this time she came through and Tyler and her family are now safe.

If you haven’t contributed yet to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey, please do so now.

Click here to make a donation via The Kim Komando Show. Every dollar counts. Thank you!

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