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Choosing a college can be a difficult process. There are so many things to consider including location, course of study, campus, housing and of course, price.

It’s not a decision to make quickly or take lightly, especially since where you go will likely impact the rest of your life. Unfortunately, it is really difficult to get a good idea of what every single university has to offer, given that there are more than 4,000 across the country.

There are many websites that try and help, but there is a new tool that may be better than them all. Perhaps not surprisingly, it comes from Google.

So much information in one place

Google added the feature following the successful rollout of their job searching function, which they say helped tens of millions of people find opportunities across 12 countries. Noting that the path to success often begins much earlier than the job search itself, they decided to focus on education.

Now when you search for a 4-year U.S. college you will see information about things like admissions, cost, student life and more. It will all appear directly in Search, making it that much easier to learn about educational options.

There is no special website you must visit or link you must click. Just in the Google Search bar, type in the name of the college or university you would like to learn more about, and the information will appear.


In a blog post explaining the new tool, Google product manager Jacob Schonberg wrote, “to show a more complete picture of college cost for parents and students, Search will give you easy access to information about the average cost after student aid is applied, including breakdowns by household income.”

Along with that, he wrote that people will be able to dig into data around graduation rates along with typical annual income 10 years after enrollment. The goal of it all is to help people better understand what may happen depending on the school they attend.

That’s not all you will see, though. There will also be information on undergraduate enrollment rates, statistics about the student body, a list of notable alumni and other similar colleges.

Put it all together and you will have an in-depth look at all the schools you may be considering now or may look into down the road.

The information Google will provide is from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, which is a comprehensive data set available for 4-year colleges.

Along with that, Google worked with nonprofit organizations as well as education researchers, high school counselors and admissions professionals in hopes of creating something that would meet everyone’s college information needs.

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