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Selfie fail accidentally causes $200,000 worth of property damage

The first known selfie is believed to have been taken in 1839 but the trend really gained mainstream notoriety when social media sites and front-facing smartphone cameras took off in the early 2010s. It’s such a common compulsion now that the word “selfie” has firmly entrenched itself as an enduring mainstay of popular culture.

Selfie-taking itself is a mostly harmless routine – just point your camera at your own mug then click. There’s usually nothing to it but we do want to make our selfies worth sharing by peppering them with interesting backdrops.

Famous-landmark selfie? Check. Celebrity-shoulder-rub selfie? Click. Foodie selfie? Sure. Groupie (group selfie) shot? Well, get that selfie stick ready. How about the “leaning-on-expensive-art” selfie? Hmm, better think hard before doing that one.

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A museum selfie taker learned a pricey art history lesson when she inadvertently collapsed multiple art pedestals at a Los Angeles installation exhibit, all while aiming for that perfect self-indulgent shot.

The sobering snapshot happened at the Hypercaine exhibit at The 14th Factory in Los Angeles, where multiple pedestals carrying their own crown-like sculptures were installed to form a grid. Each individual crown is said to be crafted from a variety of materials, including precious metals such as gold, silver and marble.

The whole mishap, which apparently happened two weeks ago, was captured in this surveillance cam video posted on YouTube. It shows a woman on the upper-right of the shot stooping down in front of one of the pedestals as she prepared to frame her “been there, done that” selfie of the day.

It turned out that leaning on the precariously placed pedestals was not the best idea after all, as it sent one tumbling down to another…then another…then another…yep, like a chain of dominoes.

The total cost of the damage? Well, let’s say this bout of clumsiness doesn’t come cheap.

“Three sculptures were permanently damaged and others to varying degrees,” Gloria Yu, one of the Hypercaine artists told Hyperallergic. “The approximate cost of damage is $200,000.”

But can we blame the woman for taking what could very well be the most expensive selfie fail ever? Not when The 14th factory was hailed by a Los Angeles Times article as “a series of wondrous, over-the-top sets for the perfect selfie.”

Just like an artsy field of selfie dreams – if you build it, they will come, right?

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