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Save BIG on must-have accessories for your gadgets

Clothes may be the foundation of an outfit but accessories are what truly make it stand out. The same is true for tech products. Gadgets are great but the accessories you pair them with will make them even better.

If your electronic collection includes a smartphone, TV, computer, tablet, and/or camera than this list of great accessories is just what you need to bring your tech game to the next level.

For your Smartphone

A lot of newer cars include Bluetooth connectivity so that you can route audio from your phone to your car’s speakers. If you own an older vehicle, you can use the AMIR Bluetooth 4.1 Receiver to add that awesome feature to your car. Listen to music and answer calls hands free! The regular price is $46.99 but you can save 70 percent and buy it from Amazon for only $13.99.

You want to take photos of your grandkids playing in the pool but water and smartphones do not mix. Not only will this Water Proof Phone Case protect your device from water, dirt and sand, but the case also allows you to still use your touchscreen and camera. It’s large enough to accommodate “plus” versions of smartphones. Buy it from the Komando Shop for only $21.99.

For your TV

Stop wasting money on cable every month! These next two accessories are one-time costs that will help you cut the cord forever! The Roku Streaming Stick will turn your high-definition TV into a smart TV that can stream content from the web. The list price here is $49.99 but you can buy a certified refurbished Roku Streaming Stick from Amazon for only $32.50.

But what about live TV? The Komando™ Indoor Amplified HD Antenna is your gateway to dozens of over the air channels. Watch sports, news, and TV shows from all your favorite local and broadcast channels. The sleek design makes it easy to set in a discreet location. The regular price is $65.95 but there’s an open box discount of $20 so you can buy it from the Komando Shop for only $45.95.

For your Computer

If you conduct business from your home office then you need computer accessories that can handle your work load and simplify tedious tasks. The Expression ET-3600 can print up to 13 black and white pages per minute and up to seven color pages per minute. It costs $399.99 and comes with up to two years of ink or the equivalent of 50 cartridges.

This All-in-one Scanner & Mouse is the easiest and quickest way to scan your documents. You simply wave the mouse over the sheet that you’d like to make a digital copy of and an edit-ready version appears on your computer. Never re-type anything ever again! Buy this special computer mouse from the Komando Shop for only $59.99.

For your Tablet

Whether you’re reading a recipe or watching your favorite show, keeping your tablet propped up can be a challenge. This rotating and adjustable Tablet Stand by Lamicall allows you to tilt your device at the perfect angle. Vertically or horizontally, the stand will prop up tablets from 4-13 inches long. The regular price is $ $69.99 but you can save $51 and buy it for only $18.99.

When you travel with your tablet, you need a powerful charger that can give it juice on the go. The 5 Port USB Battery Charger can charge two tablets at the same time but it has enough inputs to charge up to five smaller devices, like phones or handheld gaming devices. Get it from the Komando Shop for only $59.95.

For your Camera

A GoPro is the ultimate adventure gadget. This Accessories Kit by Soft Digits includes all the gear you need to attach your action camera to any surface. You can mount it to your helmet, car, body, or use a tripod to capture other good shots. Plus, there’s a big carrying case too. The regular price is $49.99 but you can save $30 and get it from Amazon for $19.99.

Nothing ruins a great photo like a smudge across the image. To prevent these imperfections, be sure to clean your lenses with a product like the 6-in-1 Camera Cleaning Kit. This small but effective kit comes with a blower/brush/polishing device, a microfiber cleaning cloth, spray bottle of cleaning solution and so much more. The regular price is $29.88 but you can buy it on sale from the Komando Shop for only $17.88.

Be sure to hop on these deals now! You never know how long the sale or inventory will last.

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