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Samsung phones are randomly sending photos to contacts

Most of us have not just taken photos with our phones, but sent them to friends and family from the phone itself. No matter what they were pictures of, the common thread between them all was that we meant to send them out.

The idea of our phones sending photos to random people among our contacts without our knowledge is not a good one, yet that’s what some people have been dealing with. Unbeknownst to them — and certainly not because of them — their phone’s photos were being texted all over.

That’s not a good thing, of course. Which is why people are not happy about it.

Something has to be done

Samsung phones, specifically the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 8, are at the center of the issue. Owners have taken to Reddit as well as Samsung’s official support boards complaining about the rogue texts, which is likely due to a bug in the phone’s default texting app.

It is unknown just how many phones have been doing this, but Samsung in a statement to Gizmodo said they are aware of the reports and that their technical teams were looking into it. In the meantime, they are asking people to contact them at 1-800-SAMSUNG if they have any problems.

There are some thoughts as to what’s gone wrong

A prevailing theory is that the issue has something to do with a recent T-Mobile RCS/advanced messaging update. Yet, T-Mobile maintains the problem is not on their end, meaning it will be up to Samsung to sort this out.

Along with photos being sent, the bug has also caused scheduled text messages to be sent to the wrong threads.

Until a fix is determined, do this

While it’s great that Samsung is looking into the problem, that probably does not do much for people who are unnerved over the idea of their photos being sent to random people in their contacts list.

Therefore, it would not be a bad idea to go into your phone’s app settings and disable the ability for Samsung Messages to access storage. Though that would not fix the problem, it would prevent the app from accessing photos and sending them away.

Yet, doing so will mean if and when the bug is fixed, you will have to go back into your settings and restore those permissions.

Other than that, switching to a different text messaging app would be a way to try and work around the issue.

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