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Rotten Apple news: new iOS features are being delayed

Where do you stand in the great Android or Apple debate? Most people are loyal to a fault once they have made their decision on which one to go with.

That’s because once you’re familiar with how a system operates it’s easier to use. You also come to expect stronger security and new features with every operating system (OS) update.

Unfortunately for Apple fans, the release of some exciting new iOS features is being delayed.

Why Apple is delaying certain iOS 12 features

One reason Apple has collected millions of fans over the years is its reputation for being more secure and reliable than other systems. Hackers were supposedly less likely to break into Apple gadgets.

But recently, the tech giant has had a run of bad news. First, the company admitted to slowing down old iPhones. Then, Apple confirmed that iPhones and iPads were impacted by massive chip flaws dubbed Meltdown and Spectre.

This run of negative press is what’s thought to have led to Apple delaying certain features that were supposed to be available with the release of iOS 12. The company will hold some features back so it can focus on strengthening reliability and performance.

The features being delayed

The iOS 12 updates will still be released later this fall, but without some features that were supposed to be included. The delayed features are expected to be released sometime in 2019.

They include a complete refresh of the home screen, an upgraded CarPlay experience, enhancements to photo editing and sharing, and a redesign of its Mail application.

When iOS 12 does come out later this year, it will have some new features. Those are said to include improvements to its digital health, parental controls and augmented reality.

Apple has yet to comment on the delayed features. We’ll have to wait to see what’s actually in and out when iOS 12 becomes available.

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