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Risky catch to Verizon’s new freebie program

I’m sure that you’ve heard us talk about targeted ads before. These are advertisements for specific products that you are interested in, which can be both good and bad. You really don’t want to see ads that sell items you absolutely don’t care about.

However, constantly seeing ads follow you around the web can feel a bit creepy. (PssT! If that’s how you feel, click here to learn how to stop them.) Which brings us to Verizon’s new rewards program, Verizon Up. You’re not going to believe how it works.

Would you trade personal information for movie tickets?

Many companies are collecting your personal information so they can provide you with targeted ads. This is typically done behind the scenes, without users even knowing about it.

Verizon is taking a different approach. The telecommunications giant has launched a new rewards program dubbed Verizon Up.

It offers members one credit for every $300 spent on Verizon Wireless products, including monthly bills, gadgets and accessories. After earning each credit, you have the opportunity to select a reward which includes concert tickets, movie tickets, Apple Music, sports gear, coffee and more.

However, there’s one major catch. To be eligible for Verizon Up, you also need to sign up for Verizon Selects.

According to Verizon, Selects “Helps personalize your experiences and make advertising you see more useful across the devices and services you use.

“To do this, the program uses information about your web browsing, app usage, device location, use of Verizon services and other information about you (such as your postal/email addresses, demographics, and interests) and shares information with Oath (formed by the combination of AOL and Yahoo.) Verizon Selects also helps personalize the rewards you see in Up.”

This is basically an elaborate way to sell ads based on users’ data. The good news is that the company is being transparent about it and letting users decide if they want to opt-in.

Let’s face it, with companies like Google and Facebook already tracking your every move, your information is already out there. With Verizon, you’ll at least be able to get some concert or movie tickets out of it.

What do you think, is this rewards program something you would choose to sign up for? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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