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Planning on getting your iPhone battery replacement from Apple? Get on it ASAP!

For years Apple has been accused of slowing down older iPhones to frustrate owners. The reason, so people would go out and buy a new one. That would be a really shady business practice and Apple always denied it….until recently!

As we learned last week, they really were slowing down some older phones! But they claim it wasn’t to get you to buy a new phone but to actually help you out. There are some battery issues with the iPhone 6 series that could cause your phone to die unexpectedly.

Slowing the processor down consumes less power, therefore prolonging your battery life.

Apple’s solution to the problem

So once Apple was caught red-handed and admitted what they were doing, there was a lot of backlash. While Apple was trying to “help us out,” they didn’t tell us what they were doing and that upset many people.

To make up for it, they decided to offer discounted replacement batteries for iPhone 6 and newer phones. Normally, they cost $79, the discount drops it to $29. That’s a good discount, but some wonder why Apple didn’t offer a FREE battery. They are the world’s most profitable company, it would be a drop in the bucket.

The fiasco has spawned lawsuits in several states including California, Illinois and New York, one asking for $5 million. A lot of people bought new phones when a simple battery replacement would have worked.

Run now to get yours!

Regardless if you think you should get a free battery or not, $29 is better than $79. Most likely your phone will last longer and run faster. So you might not need that new iPhone after all.

But you are not the only person thinking like this, there are tons of people gearing up to get the discounted replacement. There are some reports that there are delays of up to 3 weeks in getting your appointment at some local Genius Bars.

To get your replacement battery, go to Apple’s support site and click “iPhone,” then “Battery, Power, & Charging,” and finally “Battery replacement.”

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