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Oops! Apple’s HomePod may be ruining furniture

The Apple HomePod entered the market with much fanfare, and after some concern about how much it would cost to replace its power cord seemed to dissipate a bit, it was time to just let the home assistant go to work.

Obviously, Apple is ready to go head to head with Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.

There is something that separates the HomePod from the others. Along with having a Siri-based helper, the HomePod is also equipped with a speaker that by all accounts sounds really good.

HomePod is making its mark

Unfortunately for Apple, some people who have been enjoying their HomePods realized that it left a white ring on their furniture. While the problem is somewhat specific to certain kinds of wood surfaces, it is an issue that has gotten quite a bit of attention. It reached a point where Apple updated their support page to acknowledge it, and provide some answers.

According to Apple, the HomePod’s vibration-dampening silicone base is responsible, as marks can appear due to oils diffusing between the silicone base and the table surface. It turns out another similar speaker, the Sonos One, has a similar issue.

The good news is that the white ring may not be permanent. Apple says the marks could go away after several days if the HomePod is moved, and if not, a gentle wiping of the furniture’s surface with a soft damp or dry cloth could do the trick. And if none of that works, they advise just moving the HomePod to a different spot.

That last idea notwithstanding, it’s possible this issue has been a bit overblown. Still, for people who shelled out $349 to get a HomePod, the idea that it could cost them a nice piece of furniture is certainly an unwelcome development.

Should you buy a HomePod?

There is plenty of excitement surrounding the HomePod, and it certainly has some exciting qualities. But should you invest in one? Click here to learn more about Apple’s newest device. App background

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