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One thing Google users get that iPhone users will want

With a name like “Oreo,” you’d think Android’s newest OS would be wildly popular, but that hasn’t always been the case.

Turns out, the mobile OS didn’t always have the right stuff especially when it came to Samsung phones. Even though Oreo has been around since August, it is just now finding its way back to Samsung devices after the sides had to resolve an issue where some of the phones would reboot on their own.

But as Oreo finally makes its way to every Android phone, attention is already starting to turn toward what Android’s next OS, known only as “P,” will bring to the table.

Are there any rumors?

No one can be quite sure of where Google will take P, but since the software is open source, there are plenty of educated guesses from people who have looked into the code and made some discoveries. While Android’s open source nature is one of the best parts about its OS, since it allows more people the chance to learn, play and create better apps and features, it is still nice when Google makes improvements on its own.

It looks like they are doing exactly that with P, with at least one possible feature set to give Android phones a significant boost in terms of security.

It turns out, Android is likely going to ensure apps running in the background when your screen is off will not be able to take photos or listen to audio. While that may not seem like a big deal, it makes it so that if your phone is ever hacked or compromised, it will not be able to completely invade your privacy and, possibly, collect blackmail material.

Sound impossible? It isn’t, or at least it wasn’t with older versions of Android’s OS.

That may be the most important new feature, but it will not be the only one. It’s looking like P will also allow carriers to hide their signal strength, while also offering support for multiple screens and “foldable” displays (not sure what that will look like, but it sounds cool). There may also be a new feature that helps you record calls.

There is no word on when Android P will get its official name or when it will be released, though there is talk that it will at least be announced in March.

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