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One surprising app that can save you from a roadside emergency

The Waze app is a crowdsourced GPS navigation app that pulls data and information from other Waze users to show you where the worst traffic jams, crashes and other obstacles are. If you know where the accidents are, then you can successfully avoid them.

For fans of the service, there’s a new feature that may be of big help when you’re in a pinch. As long as you don’t come across the wrong people of course.

Waze Roadside Help

The new update for Waze for Android has a “Roadside help” button that lets you alert other nearby Waze users (also known as “Wazers”) whenever you may need it. Be it a flat tire, engine trouble or out of gas, the idea behind this is that there will always be fellow Wazers out there who are willing to stop and help.

This feature is in line with Waze’s crowd sourced elements and if used properly, should be a great tool for anyone who’s not subscribed to any roadside assistance services such as AAA. (Bonus: This FREE app can replace your AAA membership.)

Of course, since it’s crowd sourced, it can also be used for not-so-helpful ways and may put you at even greater risk so vigilance is still required. It’s a double edged sword of sorts.

To get this new “Roadside help” button, just update to the latest version of the Waze app for Android.

As of this time, this new feature is just Android only. There’s no word yet on when it will make its way to the iOS version of Waze but it should be coming soon.

Here’s the whole change log for the Waze update:

  • Flat tire? Request roadside help so Wazers around you can stop and lend a hand
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

What do you think? Are you willing to try out this new Waze feature? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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