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Newest iPhone to come in different colors

Do you remember when the iPhone first arrived on the scene? It was back in the summer of 2007, and it’s safe to say that the entire smartphone industry changed at that time.

Maybe we didn’t know how significant Apple’s foray into the cellphone market would be but now, more than 10 years and many new versions of the phone later, we get it. Billions have been sold, and the iPhone has become synonymous with the smartphone.

There are many reasons for that, chief among them being how packed with features they are along with their simplicity to use. The iPhone also looks good, which only adds to its appeal.

Prepare for some new colors

This year we are expected to get three new iPhone models, with them coming in a variety of sizes with different features and price tags.

Given that many see their phones as a sort of accessory, it makes sense that how it looks matters. In the past, Apple has released some unique colors for its phone, straying from the traditional black, white or silver.

We have seen gold, rose gold and even red, and it looks like later this year we will get new models with even more colors.

The colored phones will be part of Apple’s newest offering, with a 6.5-inch OLED screen model expected to cost around the same amount as the iPhone X and be available in black, white and gold. There is also set to be a smaller 6.1-inch LCD screen version that will be a few hundred dollars less and come in gray, white, blue, red and orange.

Let’s talk about the LCD version

With more colors to choose from and a cheaper price tag, the LCD model will likely be incredibly popular. Its origin is being traced back to what Apple did with the iPhone 5c, when there were different, lower-cost models with similar — but not all — features.

In this case, the 6.1-inch version is expected to keep the main features that make the iPhone X what it is, only to be made cheaper by skipping on things like the stainless steel frame, dual-camera and possibly 3-D Touch.

The OLED iPhone

As for the more expensive new phone, it’s expected to come with all the bells and whistles — if not in every color option. Besides a nicer and larger screen, it will also boast dual SIM capabilities and dual cameras. Seen as the “iPhone X Plus,” it will be the higher-end version of this year’s new iPhones.

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