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New way to download Netflix movies and take them on the go

Many people across the U.S. are “cutting the cord.” This, of course, means that people are getting rid of their cable or satellite TV service and streaming shows online.

With so many reasonably priced streaming services available, it’s hard to justify paying for an expensive monthly cable bill. Now, Netflix is making its service even more accessible than ever before.

You might remember that in December 2016, Netflix finally made content downloadable for its customers. That was a game changer for many subscribers.

Being able to download content is crucial for mobile customers. Irregular mobile data connections, scarce Wi-Fi hotspots, and limited data caps are some obstacles that can make streaming while on the road frustrating. That’s all changed now.

Subscribers can now download a large selection of TV shows and movies straight to their gadget for offline viewing.

The only problem with downloading this content has been the size of these files. Many gadgets have limited memory, sometimes making it impossible to save all of your desired content.

Great news! That is now changing.

What’s changing with Netflix downloadable content

Netflix has just announced that Android users will be allowed to download content to their gadget’s SD card. This opens the door for a greater library of saved content.

The more memory on your SD card, the more shows you can save and watch whenever you would like. No longer will you be restricted to the memory size of your Android gadget.

Netflix customers who use Android will now be asked to choose a download location. You can select either your Device Storage or SD card. It’s that simple.

Note: Downloading content to an SD card for an Apple gadget isn’t an option. Apple gadgets are not set up for memory expansion with SD cards.

There are a couple of restrictions, though. Netflix will limit the amount of time a download will be accessible to the user, so you won’t be able to keep it forever. Also, downloaded content to an SD card will only play on the gadget on which it was originally downloaded, so you can’t share it with others.

Other streaming services also allow content to be downloaded. Amazon Prime made this option available to its members last year.

Streaming services making content downloadable is just one more reason to think about cutting the cord. Listen to our podcast to find out why it’s time:

It's time to cut the cord

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