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New technology is changing your grocery shopping

Think of all the things in your life that have been improved by advancing technology over the years.

Your cellphone is now basically a mini computer that allows you to perform tasks right from the palm of your hand. Televisions are now smart TVs that have apps built right into them, allowing you to watch streaming services, YouTube, browse the web and more. (PssT! Click here to find out how smart TVs are about to get even smarter.)

Now, technology could soon change the way you shop for groceries.

How this grocery chain is upping its game

We’re talking about a new technology that is rolling out by grocery chain Kroger. It’s being called “Kroger Edge” and will digitally display pricing, nutritional information, along with video ads and coupons for numerous products.

This technology will be installed in nearly 200 locations across the U.S. by the end of the year. It’s going to replace those old paper price tags that you’ve seen hanging on grocery shelves for decades.

It will eventually communicate with your smartphones and highlight products on your shopping lists as you walk through the store. Kroger Edge will also be able to highlight items that match your dietary needs, for example, if you have allergies or other dietary restrictions.

The technology is also good for Kroger, giving the company the ability to change prices instantly across multiple locations at the same time. The old way would take hours, even days for employees to change prices by hand.

Kroger is working on developing an app that will enable you to take advantage of the system with your smartphones. You will be able to use the app to check items off your shopping list.

If a shopper is using the app, as they walk down an aisle in the store, the shelf will light up underneath products on their shopping list. This will help keep you from forgetting items on your list and speed up your grocery shopping experience. How cool is that?

If you don’t have Kroger stores near you, don’t worry. This new technology could be showing up in other retailers’ stores as well. It’s being marketed and sold to retailers across the country.

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