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When to buy a new smartphone
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Need a new phone? DON’T buy one right now – Here’s why

If you’ve had your mobile phone for some time, you might be looking at a shiny new upgrade. After all, technology inside devices is continually changing, leaving a two-year-old phone vastly inferior to the latest and greatest models. Tap or click here for clever uses for your old phone.

There are plenty of models to choose from, with Android and Apple fans always longing for new devices. But here is a tip: Don’t buy a new mobile phone right now.

Read on to see why it’s better to wait a few months even if you don’t want the newest device.

Here’s the backstory

You might have been saving up to get a new phone this year, or your mobile contract is due for renewal. You could run out and get a new smartphone now, but you’ll have more choices in a few months.

Why? Because all the latest devices from Samsung, Apple and Google will steadily make an appearance as we get closer to the end of the year. It also means that current models will see price reductions as retailers want to replace the old stock with new devices.

Here are a few of the most anticipated devices of 2022.

Samsung Galaxy S23

There isn’t much information on Samsung’s next flagship model, but some rumors are swirling. Typically, new Samsung devices launch at the beginning of the year, around the time of the annual Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain.

Internal specifications are hard to come by, but there is talk that it will use the same 10-megapixel telephoto camera as the Galaxy S22. However, reports also indicate that the primary camera’s sensor will get a massive boost to 200 megapixels.

For those interested in the chip design, rumors have it that Samsung is ditching the usual Exynos chip and going with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 Gen 2.

Expected release: February or March 2023

Apple iPhone 14

It’s hard to believe that Apple’s iPhone 13 came out just under a year ago. But fans eagerly await news on the iPhone 14. Nothing is confirmed yet, but all indications point toward four new models: iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

But given that iOS 16 is arriving soon and the vast upgrade in the iPhone 13, the upcoming models might not have as many new features and components as anticipated.

However, the magic might shift in favor of the larger Pro and Pro Max devices. According to Tech Radar, both models could have an Always-On Display, a higher-resolution rear camera and a redesigned front camera cut-out.

Expected release: second week of September 2022

Google Pixel 7

Google’s mobile hardware is gaining popularity, but the Pixel 6 is nearly two-years-old. In technology terms, that is almost ancient. Fans are looking at the upcoming Pixel 7 to have a significant capability bump, and rumors suggest it could have a new telephoto sensor.

Other reports speculate that the Pixel 7 will have a display resolution of 1080 x 2400 and a 90 Hz refresh rate. However, the Pixel 7 Pro will use a 1440 x 3120 display with a 120 Hz refresh rate.

Expected release: October 2022

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