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New Samsung devices come loaded with useless apps. Why?

It has taken many forms, but Yahoo! has been around for a while. A search engine, news site, fantasy sports outlet and otherwise all-entailing site, it is pretty well known.

But while we are all quite aware of Yahoo!, it has certainly lost its grip on the space it once seemed to rule. While still relevant, it has fallen behind the likes of Google when it comes to dominating the digital space.

However, Yahoo! is not interested in folding up shop and fading away into oblivion. No, they are going to try and remain a part of our consciousness by making sure you have no choice but to notice them.

There will be no escape

Yahoo!, which is now owned by Verizon, will feature many of its apps on phones the moment they come out of the box. That’s right, if you purchase a new Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ for Verizon, you will not have to download Yahoo!’s apps for sports, finance, news or others.

Another app that will come with the phones is Oath Newsroom, which is a news curation app that collects stories from across the internet, but mainly highlights articles from Yahoo! News and HuffPost. Not coincidentally, both of those organizations are owned by Yahoo!.

Lucky us. While you may find some of the apps to be useful, many likely will not be. But while this may seem like a a shameful partnership, it is not the first of its kind.

Remember when our iPhones automatically downloaded that new U2 album back in the day?

As part of this specific deal, Oath will also become the main content partner for Bixby, which is Samsung’s first-party virtual assistant. Included in this will be native ads, which will be placed in the middle of your news feed.

You can expect more of this down the line

As more tech companies continue to either gobble up others or create partnerships with each other, stuff like this will become the norm.

In this case it makes plenty of sense, with Yahoo! benefiting from its apps reaching anyone who buys the right phone from Verizon. Of course the more people who have the apps, the easier it is to sell advertising through them.

There is the question of whether or not moves like this will lead a retailer like Verizon to push the sale of the phones that come with the apps. Good phones or not, there does seem to be room for the possibility that they may promote them simply because of the Yahoo! presence.

Regardless, the idea that a brand new phone could come loaded with apps we have no use for is not exactly going to bring a smile to many faces. Sure, we may have eventually downloaded them anyway, but that should have been a choice for us to make.

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