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New Report: Apple admits to slowing down old iPhones

This has been of great debate for years. Does Apple intentionally slow down older phones so we become frustrated and go buy a new one? Some professionals claim yes, some say no. But large amounts of users claim after a new update, their phone is slower.

Recently, we wrote about a test that compared older models and their performance. The data showed that Apple did not intentionally slow down older iPhones. In fact, it found that Apple does a pretty good job at keeping older devices up and running.

But now we have a definitive answer, Apple does slow older iPhones down!

Why would they slow them down?

Conspiracy theorists will say it’s to try and force you to by a new phone. But, thats not the real answer.

Apple engineers have a really good reason. It just so happens that every time a new iPhone is released, a new, faster operating system comes too. They also make it available to older iPhones as well.

But each new iOS works the older phones a lot harder and shortens up the battery life. So they slow the performance to keep us happy and not leave users stranded with dead phones.

What can you do?

According to Apple, they expect an iPhone to get about three years of use.  So if you deplete your battery every day and charge it every night, you’ll probably want to get a new battery before your third year.

Have you experienced any slow downs after updating an iPhone? If so, let us know in the comments what phone you were using and the version of iOS.

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