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New Microsoft update is bricking smartphones

Typically, being a member of an insiders program is a good thing. As an insider, most likely you will be able to experience new items before the public can. Sometimes, there’s also a chance to receive exclusive deals that non-members will never know about.

Microsoft offers a program like this, it’s called the Windows Insider Program. Unfortunately for some of its members, an update just went horribly wrong!

How a Windows Insider update went south

The Windows Insider Program is an optional service provided by Microsoft to let users experience the next version of Windows before public release. The program targets early adopters and the ‘enthusiast’ crowd who enjoy beta testing new software.

What’s happening now is, Microsoft recently released a flawed update to insiders by mistake. The update is forcing Windows smartphone users into a never-ending reboot loop, essentially ‘bricking’ their gadget. The following message appears on affected Windows smartphones:

Image: Example of the never-ending rebooting loop from Windows Insider update. (Source: Microsoft)

In a blog post regarding this incident, Microsoft said, “If you received this build (from RS_IoT) on Mobile: This build will *not* install on your device. If you installed this build, your device will be stuck in a reboot loop and the only way to recover is to use the Windows Device Recovery Tool and re-flash. After re-flashing, you can join the Windows Insider Program again on your device and choose your ring and be back on the right update path.”

How to fix flawed Windows update

Microsoft gave instructions for users on how to fix this issue. Follow these steps:

“If your device has downloaded this build but has not installed the build (you see either an ‘install’ or ‘Restart now’ button under Phone update) – you will have to do a device reset via Settings >> System >> About (Do a backup via Settings >> Update & security >> Backup FIRST) and then check your Windows Insider Program settings to ensure you’re on the right ring.

“If you are not a Windows Insider, your device may have seen one of these builds offered. However, these builds will not install on devices that are not joined to the Windows Insider Program.”

This update was also sent by mistake to Windows Insiders for PC, although it doesn’t seem to be as critical of a mistake for them. The company said this build may include issues that impact PC usability, more so than normal builds.

The user can either wait for Microsoft to publish a newer build or roll-back to the previous build via Settings >> Update & security >> Recovery.

Note: Users have up to 10 days to roll-back and will only work if they did not do Disk Cleanup to remove the previous Windows installation.

Click here if you want to read the entire Microsoft blog post addressing this issue.

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