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New Google Maps feature means you’ll never forget a great location again

Don’t you just love having friends and family visit from out of town? It’s a great time to play tour guide and show them all of the exciting places your city has to offer.

You might also want to take them to your favorite restaurant to share an epic meal. I’m sure you remember how to get there, but what about that amazing Italian restaurant you tried last summer and forgot its name and where it’s located? No worries, Google Maps now has you covered.

That’s right, there is now a feature on Google Maps that will help you keep track of any location or route that you’d like. You can also create a list of places and share it with friends and family.

How to use the new features on Google Maps

Not only can you share your list of places, you can also subscribe to lists created by other people so you know their favorite locations too. Here is how to get started:

  • Open Google Maps.
  • Find a location on Google Maps that you want on your list.
  • Tap the name of that location.
  • Tap the Save icon under the location’s name – Doing this saves the location to one of your pre-set lists. You can name the lists anything you want, such as favorite restaurants or places I want to try.

Once you have a few locations saved, they can be found under Your Places in the menu on the upper-left side of the screen. Just tap the icon of the location and it will show up on Google Maps.

Sharing your lists is easy as well. Simply tap the share button to get a link and you can send the list via text, email, social media or any popular messaging app. The recipient only needs to tap “Follow” on the link you sent to pull up the list whenever they need it.

Lists that you follow are with you wherever you take Google Maps and can be viewed on mobile, desktop computer and even offline. Download offline maps of the area you are traveling to in advance and you will be able to see all the places on the list.

Here is a quick video that shows you how to use the new feature:

Note: If you are reading this article on the App, click here to watch Google’s demonstration video.

This new Google Maps feature is available on both iOS and Android. The update has started rolling out and you should see it soon, if not already.

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