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New Facebook app every parent needs for their kids

We all know how addictive Facebook can be. For many people, it’s the first site they check when they get up in the morning and the last site they visit before turning in for the night.

The social media giant must be doing something right to have nearly 2 billion active monthly users worldwide. One reason it’s so popular is the site is constantly adding new, popular features. Now, Facebook is coming out with a new messaging app that both parents and children will love.

What is Facebook’s new messaging app?

Facebook is expected to launch a messaging app aimed at teens in the near future. It’s dubbed Facebook Talk.

The new service will be safer for children, as parents will be able to monitor and control who they chat with. This will help eliminate stalkers and potential predators from contacting their kids. This is great news for parents wanting a safer messaging service for their children.

The app is expected to only be used by those 13 years and older. Users will not need to create their own Facebook profile to chat on the new app.

The social media giant is trying to draw teens back to its site by releasing a messaging service parents will approve of. The company is being hush-hush on details of the app.

However, an unknown source, it’s not clear if it was an employee of Facebook or a hacker, discovered information that was actually hidden in Facebook Messenger code discussing details of the new app.

The release date has yet to be announced. Keep checking with our Happening Now section for any updates.

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