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New emojis launching include redheads, superheroes and toilet paper

Remember the first time you saw an emoji? Maybe you didn’t know what to think of the cartoon-like image, which could represent anything from a person and cars to flags and food.

Back then, you probably did not expect people to have entire conversations in emoji, or even a movie based on them. But for better or worse (according to most reviewers, worse), “The Emoji Movie” was released in July 2017.

The terrible movie notwithstanding, emojis are here to stay. Not only are they here to stay, but they are consistently updated and supplemented.

The possibilities are endless

Every now and then we get an update that provides a new set of emojis, and the latest will arrive on June 5. The Unicode Consortium is responsible for creating new emojis, and their 11.0 update will bring some neat images for us to use.

We have been expecting the update since it was originally announced in February, as we know a whopping 157 new symbols will be coming to our gadgets. That will bring the overall total up to 2,823.

So, what’s new?

We are getting more faces, with party, woozy, hot and cold being among them. Red, curly and white hair are coming, as is baldness. Oh, we’re getting superheros, legs, feet and toilet paper, too. That does not even include the new animals and foods.

With that in mind, check out this video that goes into even greater detail and shows you what the emojis could ultimately look like:

Though released, it may be a bit before you can use the new emojis

Unfortunately, just because the update is here, there is nothing that says your phone, tablet or device will be ready to receive it. It will be available, yes, but different mobile platforms and systems will need to be ready to support the new symbols.

That is going to happen, eventually, but how quickly will vary by platform. Apps like Twitter have historically been quick to adjust, while Android and iOS tend to fold the update into larger OS improvements.

As of now, neither Apple nor Google have provided their update schedules, so we cannot be sure of when we will get to use the new stuff.

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