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New app finds the make and model of any car it sees

You just heard a new song and you want to know who sings it. Or one of your old favorites is playing on the radio but you can’t remember the title. The Shazam app is a handy tool that can identify a song’s title, the artist who sings it and the album it’s on.

It’s an audio search engine. Just open the app, tap the Shazam logo, and hold up your phone to the music source. It spits out results in just a few seconds! It can also tell give you lyrics, links to purchase the song and help you discover new music.

Instead of audio searches, Blippar is an app that can use your phone’s camera to run visual searches. The app uses augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and computer vision technology to give you information on the objects you scan. The developers just launched a feature that can identify cars.

Psst: Interested in nature and gardening? Pl@ntNet is an app that can use your camera’s phone to recognize plants.

“US streets become a car showroom. Blippar’s technology is first to allow consumers to instantly recognize any vehicle make and model in the entire US market & unlock AR content from the vehicle,” said Blippar in a statement.

Blippar has a 97.7 percent recognition accuracy on all cars in the U.S. manufactured after the year 2000. It can scan actual cars on the street that are parked or moving slowly, as well as images from magazines and videos.

In addition to telling you a car’s make, model, and year, there’s an augmented reality component that displays more information. It will show customer ratings, prices, and a 360-degree view of the car’s interior. Watch the video below to see how it works!

If you’re in the market for a new ride but you don’t know a lot about cars then you may find this app very useful because it allows you to search on the go. Or maybe you’re a car enthusiast like Kim! In that case, you can use it as a fun way to test your car knowledge!

People can also use Blippar to identify all types of objects and the app will show you relevant information about that item. For instance, if you scan a keyboard then the app may bring up links to typing tutorials, keyboard history, and repair shops in your area.

You need to give the app access to your location and camera in order for it to work. It’s free to download for Apple and Android devices.

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