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My favorite map program just got a HUGE update you’ll love

“What does my commute look like this morning? Hmm, seems like there is an accident on the 60 and a slow down on the 202. But, hey, if I take University to the 10, then jump on the 51, I’ll get to work 15 minutes faster than normal.”

This is literally every morning for me when trying to navigate the fastest way around traffic to get to work on time.

Thankfully, I have an awesome phone application that makes this process 1,000 times easier.

Waze (pronounced “Ways”) is a brilliant app available for iOS and Android. It uses live user data to provide the fastest possible directions to anywhere you want to travel. Get alerts when approaching a police stop, or an accident, and be provided with an optimal route around any slow-down.

With the new update to Waze announced on Wednesday there are a few useful features that you will want to take advantage of.

New Waze Features

The first major addition that you should definitely begin using right away is the hands-free controls. By accessing your Settings menu you can select “Sound and Voice” and “Talk to Waze.” After toggling on the “OK Waze” feature you can activate the app by simply saying “OK Waze.”

The next feature is something special for a navigation app, Motorcycle Navigation. Since the best car route may not always be the same as the best motorcycle route, Waze motorcycle riders may find themselves saving a lot of time with this new setting. Activate it by altering your “Vehicle type” on the settings menu.

Finally, there is a carpool lane feature. You can now opt to include carpool lanes on your route to save even more time. This feature is always being expanded but is currently available in most major areas of North America.

Hope these new features can save you time on your next journey.

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