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Must have travel tips for Thanksgiving

Can you believe it’s already Thanksgiving? For many of you, it’s time to hit the road or take to the skies to get to grandma’s house.

Getting to your destination can be extremely challenging with so many others doing the same thing.

But if you follow these must-have travel tips, the experience, hopefully, will be a little more enjoyable.

Travel tips from Google Maps

What would we do without Google Maps? It helps us with directions for a road trip or finding an out-of-town airport. What’s even nicer about this service is it has a unique insight into holiday travel and gives advice beyond directions.

It might be too late for many of you to change your plans but it’s best not to travel on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Generally, it’s the worst traffic day in the country. If you can’t avoid traveling on Wednesday, consider hitting the road before 2 p.m. or after 7 p.m.

While you’d rather not think about it, planning your return trip is just as important. Google recommends spending an extra day with family. Driving home on Sunday as opposed to Saturday should help you avoid a lot of traffic.

Keep in mind, some cities, have bigger traffic increases than others the week of Thanksgiving such as Philadelphia, Austin and Washington, D.C.

Even if you’re staying home this Thanksgiving, you might still have to run out to the store to pick up some last minute items on Wednesday.

A few things that could save you some aggravation with fighting local traffic is to avoid a last-minute shopping trip by getting your food and drinks ahead of time. There are a lot of last-minute shoppers for items like pumpkin pie, wine and ham.

If you need any of these last minute items, best to find a store that’s open on Thanksgiving since traffic should be very light that day.

TSA travel tips

As usual, most flights over the Thanksgiving weekend will be packed. The Transportation Security Administration is sharing some tips to make sure the experience will be a pleasant one for you and other travelers.

For one, if you’re carrying food, remember large liquids like wine, jams and jellies and cranberry sauce are not allowed. No gravy either. These items must be checked.

If you plan to carry on a pie, the TSA will probably swab it.

While it might be too late for Thanksgiving, there are ways you can save money on air travel.

My best money-saving tips for the frugal traveler

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