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Mojave, the newest Mac OS, is here, and these are its best features

It wasn’t long ago when Apple stole the tech world’s headlines with its release of new devices. Along with updated iPhones, Apple Watches and MacBooks, we also received iOS 12, which so far seems to be pretty darn good.

But as we all know, iOS 12 is good for smaller devices, not computers. That’s not to say folks who rely on the Apple OS to run MacBooks and computers don’t get any nice new toys, either, as the newest update — Mojave — has finally been released to the public.

We had known it was coming for a few months now, but anticipation only made our digital hearts grow fonder. Because, like iOS 12, it offers some nice new features that are likely to please any Apple fan.

Dark Mode

Giving your Mac a different look, Dark Mode will affect the entire system. Your apps and filters will all adopt the look, which is easier on the eyes.


Have you ever taken a look at your desktop only to realize it is cluttered? Icons and files everywhere, taking up precious space and looking messy?

With “Stacks,” your computer will instantly organize the random contents and put them into tidy little batches of documents on the right-hand side of the screen. The stacks can be arranged in different ways, such as file type, date or tag.

From there, clicking on a stack will reveal its contents, thereby giving you the chance to double-click on whichever file you need to open it. And for what it’s worth, your stacks will stay organized no matter how many documents end up on your desktop.

An updated Mac App Store

You may feel like there isn’t much that can be done with the App Store, but Mojave gave it a big-time update. Not only does it look different, but the store will now auto-play videos and provide articles about some of the more popular apps that are available.

There are also additional ways to find apps, with Discover, Create, Work, Play and Develop tabs assisting your exploration.

Improved screenshot abilities

An underrated thing we can do with our computers that we don’t often think about until we can’t figure out how to do it. With Mojave, there is an actual screen devoted to the idea, and it provides tools like a countdown delay timer, the opportunity to show or hide the cursor and a way to quickly share or organize the photos.

Continuity with your camera

It’s fair to assume many people who have a MacBook or other Apple computer also probably have an iPhone or some other Apple devices. With that in mind, Mojave makes it so that if you are working on a document on the Mac but need to add a photo, you can automatically activate your phone’s camera.

Then, when you snap the photo, it will automatically be inputted into the document on your Mac. Pretty cool, right?

The continuity camera also works for receipts and works in many apps, including Mail, Notes, Keynotes, Pages, Numbers and more.

Fun Fact: Apple was founded in 1976 in Cupertino, CA.

Quick Look

Ever want to take a look at something but don’t want to go through the trouble of having to open an app to do it? With Quick Look, you can do exactly that, while using Markup tools to add things like a signature or crop and rotate the images.

Through it you will also be able to quickly edit and trim videos.

Improved security

Apple has long been known for offering better security than other tech companies, and Mojave takes that concept to an entirely new level.

With Mojave, apps will need your approval before they access your computer’s camera or microphone. The same goes for any app that is trying to access your history of messages or mail.

Besides that, Mojave will protect more of your data by default, with the new Intelligent Tracking Prevention system helping to stop cookies that will track you without your knowledge.

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