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Microsoft stuns fans with new ‘Surface Laptop’ unveiling

Microsoft made a big splash in the latter part of 2016 by releasing the Microsoft Surface Pro all-in-one PC. It seems like the company has out-Apple’d Apple by introducing this beautiful slab of impressive hardware loaded with a refreshing set of interface innovations like its massive but ultra-thin moveable touchscreen and the new input tool, the Surface Dial.

With stellar reviews garnered by both its Surface Pro and the Surface Book, coupled with slight fan disappointment with the new MacBook Pros, is Microsoft finally grabbing some of the creative market that Apple used to dominate? So really now, is Microsoft out-Appling Apple?

Judging by this new product unveiling, well, Microsoft is trying its best to outshine its long-time rival.

Meet the Surface Laptop

Microsoft hardware chief Panos Panay unveiled the all-new Surface Laptop at an event in New York earlier today, aimed primarily at the student sector and more importantly, it looks like it is poised to take out Apple’s MacBook Air line of laptops.

Fans actually had a sneak peek last night as it was leaked ahead of the unveiling event.

Why put out a lightweight version of the Surface? To quote Panay, “We know that many students use Surface Pro, and a lot use Book, but they’re asking for more. They want a product that’s going to empower them and remove limits.”

The Surface Laptop sports a 13.5-inch 1080p 3:2 PixelSense touchscreen display and a keyboard wrapped in Alcantara, a type of cloth that is 60 percent polyester but feels as smooth as suede. This is the same smooth material used for the Surface Pro covers.

It uses the latest Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and with the new Windows 10 S operating system running it, Microsoft claims that the Surface Laptops are faster than the i7 MacBook Pro. And with a battery that can last up to 14.5 hours, it can outlast “any Macbook Air on the market today.”

Windows 10 S is a new streamlined Windows 10 experience meant for students and teachers. It features quicker login and access times and all its applications have to be downloaded from the official Windows App Store for security and performance.

Additionally, in line with the Surface design aesthetic, Microsoft designed the Surface Laptop to be as sleek as possible, doing away with any speaker grills or holes. The speakers are actually located under the keyboard, with sound seemingly coming out from under your fingers as you type.

“This product is so meticulously crafted. You won’t find a screw, just a perfect flow of energy,” Panay said about the Surface Laptop’s design. “It’s meant to be silent to the eyes. It really is a product that draws you in.”

The laptop weighs 2.76 pounds and has a 14.47mm back and 9.9mm front. It will come in four color variants – burgundy, cobalt blue, platinum and graphite gold.

The Surface Laptop can be preordered starting today. Prices start at $999 for the 128GB SSD, 4GB RAM, Core i5 version and ramps up depending on configuration.

What do you think? Is this lightweight Surface Laptop worth it? Drop us a comment!

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