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Microsoft making huge improvement to the Windows 10 experience

Microsoft may soon be taking its first step toward its ambitious vision to unify the Windows 10 experience across different devices.

Currently, although Windows 10 is already the core operating system for PCs, laptops, the Xbox One, HoloLens, Surface tablets, smartphones and even Internet of Things appliances, the way users interact with these devices still varies.

This is due to a different Windows Shell for each platform. The Windows Shell provides the environment that users interact with – the Start Menu, Taskbar, Desktop, etc.

Although the basic Windows 10 foundation is shared by these different platforms and can run the same Windows 10 apps, the interactive elements are not the same. For example, a smartphone’s Windows Shell is different from a desktop and will look and function differently.

Microsoft might soon remedy this and move closer toward its “One Windows” vision. According to a Windows Central report, the company is creating an “adaptive shell” that will work and modify itself across devices. This new shell is codenamed “Composable Shell” or “CSHELL” and this same shell is capable of scaling the Windows 10 user environment according to platform.

Basically, this is similar to the Continuum shell that already provides a consistent experience across Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and tablets. With CSHELL, this consistent experience may run and scale on Windows 10 Mobile, the Xbox One, and HoloLens, as well.

The report also reveals that this new Windows 10 Composable Shell will debut over the next major Windows 10 updates for Mobile, Desktop and later, on the Xbox One.

However, this adaptive shell may still be a few major Windows 10 updates away and will not be dropping anytime soon. But when it does, Microsoft’s “One Windows” vision will bring in a new exciting era of unified computing across Windows platforms.

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