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Microsoft announces huge updates, new products and more

Big news for Microsoft fans! Windows 10 is getting another update, and that’s just ONE of the major announcements Microsoft made at its Build 2017 developers conference.

The three-day event is where Microsoft details the future of its products and services.

News from Microsoft’s Build 2017

Windows 10 Update

Microsoft announced at its Build 2017 event that the next major Windows 10 update will be called the Fall Creators Update. It’s expected to be out sometime in September 2017 and Windows 10 Mobile will also receive the update. Some new features to the OS will include the ability to resume sessions on multiple gadgets, a cloud-based clipboard and an overhaul of the Task View area.

Linux available in Windows Store

Also making news at Build 2017 is the fact that OpenSUSE, Ubuntu and Fedora are coming to the Windows Store. Users can install them as apps on their gadget, allowing them to run Windows and Linux applications side-by-side without dual-booting. Linux OS’ Ubuntu is already available and the other two will be in the near future.

This move helps Microsoft deliver on its pledge to have greater acceptance of the open-source community. Microsoft signed onto the Linux Foundation last year.

Windows Story Remix

Video editing is about to become easier with Microsoft’s introduction of a new application called Story Remix. The software is expected to be an improved version of Movie Maker, allowing users to create professional-grade videos without needing special video editing knowledge. Story Remix will let you combine videos, images and music into one cohesive clip.

Windows Fluent Design System

The Fluent Design System for Windows 10 is being introduced. This was previously known as Project Neon and seems to be influenced by Google’s Material Design. Microsoft’s operating system will now include elements of transparency and animation that it previously lacked. The Fluent Design System is expected to look cleaner and fit better on the display than before. Some additional user interface touches will bring the desktop to life.

iOS app testing in Windows

As you might imagine, competing against Apple is no easy task. And one of the downfalls many developers see with Windows is that they can’t test out iOS apps with the platform. To fix this, Microsoft is introducing the new Xamarin Live Player, which allows developers to run test versions of apps within Visual Studio.

New feature for OneDrive

OneDrive is set to receive a major upgrade when the Fall Creators Update is released. Being called “Files On-Demand,” the tool will give users additional control options for cloud and local storage options. This feature will be perfect for anyone who needs access to their files and folders on the go since everything will be available even if you haven’t synced your device to your computer in a while.

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