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Man nearly electrocuted while charging his phone

Wiley Day recently had a “shocking” morning as he was hit with 110 volts of electricity. The 32-year-old woke up to being electrocuted by the dog tags around his neck. His phone charger was plugged into an extension cord and somehow the chain slipped onto the charger’s metal prongs and served as a conductor.

The shock jolted him out of bed and after a few moments, he was able to remove the tags from around his neck. He told the Washington Post that the jolt was “the eeriest, darkest, most demonic thing you could ever experience.” He said his body went numb and he felt a lot of pressure around his neck. His eyesight faded and his heartbeat “thundered” in his ear.

Day ended up suffering second and third-degree burns on his hands and neck. Parts of the skin on his neck are missing from where the chain was touching him. There’s an image below of his injuries. *Warning* The photo is pretty graphic.

Day’s story is somewhat of a freak accident. In the past, we’ve heard of phones catching on fire while charging. But in this case, his chain happened to fall where it did and that caused the shock. The shock could have come from an alarm clock plug or any other common bedroom electronics.

Even still, it’s not a good idea to charge your phone while you sleep. Never place it in your bed while it charges because pillows and blankets could cause it to overheat. Plus, over-charging (continuing to charge once it has reached 100 percent) can weaken the battery and cause it to explode.

Another bad habit that can lead to mishaps with your phone is using third-party chargers. Both Google and Apple have warned consumers that these knockoffs can be dangerous. Also, avoid using chargers that aren’t meant for that particular device. For instance, an iPad charger is too powerful for your iPhone so use the charger that it came with.

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