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Making this one mistake with your car can leave you stranded on the side of the road

Self-driving cars are no longer a dream of the future. They are quickly becoming a reality of the modern day. Google has been testing fully autonomous vehicles on public roads since 2009 and has logged over 2 million miles.

Some of the technology built into these vehicles is simply amazing. But you’re not going to believe how some of this tech ruined this Tesla owner’s day.

Tesla has been manufacturing electric vehicles since 2003. All vehicles produced in its factory now have the hardware needed for full self-driving capability.

Other interesting innovations on the Tesla Model S include adaptive lighting and bio-weapon defense mode. Yep, it features a medical grade HEPA air filtration system, which removes at least 99.97 percent of contaminants from cabin air. Incredible.

The technology that spoiled Tesla owner Ryan Negri’s day was keyless driving.

What is keyless driving?

This feature allows the vehicle’s owner to unlock and even drive the car without possessing the key. That’s right, there’s an app for that.

All you need is the Tesla mobile app downloaded onto your smartphone to take advantage of this feature. You press “Start” on the app to initiate keyless driving and then enter your password. Once you’ve done this you have two minutes to enter the vehicle, tap the brake pedal and shift into drive.

And just like that, you’re on your way.

Negri did just this not too long ago. He and his wife went for a drive one morning and got about six miles away from home before stopping to make a seat adjustment.

The problem was, they were out in the middle of nowhere, near Red Rock Canyon, Nevada when they stopped and turned off the car. When they went to start it back up again and take off, the app didn’t work. They were out of cell service range and had left the car keys at home.

Negri’s wife, Amy, had to run about two miles until she started receiving a cell signal. She was then able to call a friend. The friend picked Amy up and drove her home so she could retrieve the car key. Crisis solved.

Now this ended up being a humorous story to tell their friends and have a good laugh. But, this could have been a serious problem.

Imagine having this same situation happen to you but you’re even farther away from cell service, in the middle of the night. It could be quite scary.

These new innovations are wonderful and make our lives easier. However, it’s good practice to anticipate things that could go wrong and be prepared. You don’t want to be stranded in the middle of nowhere without your keys.

Have you ever used keyless driving? Leave a comment and tell us about your experiences.

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