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Latest Galaxy Note 8 leak shows two features that may trump the iPhone 8

Last year’s disaster with exploding Galaxy Note 7s was one of the biggest tech fails of 2016. But earlier this year, Samsung explained what went wrong and the precautions they were taking so that it wouldn’t happen again.

The Galaxy Note 8 is set to be released on August 23. So far, we’ve heard that the display will be 6.3 inches and there will be a camera on the front and back. A new rendering just came out that shows us what it could look like.

Ghostek, a cellphone accessory manufacturer, just revealed renderings of the Galaxy Note 8. These photos show off every angle of the new phone. The company is so sure that this is what it will look like because they have sources who actually work for Samsung.

(If you’re reading this story on the app, click here to see the rending of the Note 8.)

As you can see, these pictures confirm several of the rumors. There are dual cameras on the front and back and the display stretches from edge to edge. If you look at the bottom edge (top left area of the picture) you’ll see a USB Type-C charging opening and a headphone jack.

The photos from Ghostek also confirm that the display will be 6.3 inches and there will be a fingerprint reader on the back next to the camera lenses.

For comparison sake, notable phone leaker Benjamin Geskin created this silhouette that shows the size differences of Samsung’s latest devices. The Galaxy S8 is on the left, the Galaxy S8 Plus is in the middle and the Galaxy Note 8 is on the right.

(If you’re reading this story on the app, click here to see the comparison silhouette.)

What do you think? Could you see yourself buying this phone? Before you make a decision, take a look at what else is in store. Apple also plans to release a follow-up phone this year: the iPhone 8. Read here to learn more about each phone and compare their features.

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