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It’s easier to unsubscribe from apps in Google than in Apple

We have all had those apps that we subscribed to at one time because we needed something out of it, only briefly. Maybe it was a music service or some other streaming option, or perhaps it was to get better deals on shopping.

Whatever it was, signing up for a subscription was quite easy. Remember? It required just a few taps of the screen and congrats, you had one.

But what about canceling it? After finally getting what we needed from the app and a subscription we would like to be done with it, yet it’s not nearly as easy to move on from a subscription as it is to start one.

For Apple, yes, but Google makes it simple

It really depends on what kind of phone you have. Anyone with an iPhone or iPad can tell you how clunky it is to try and unsubscribe, to the point where it’s quite frustrating and at times seems impossible.

But Google is trying to make that process easier for Android users, and it has done exactly that with its new Subscriptions Center feature.

Just like it sounds, Subscriptions Center is a place where you can access information on all things subscriptions. The feature, which began to roll out on Wednesday, makes it easy to keep track of your subscriptions by listing them and other details all in one place.

Found through the Google Play Store, it can be used to add new subscriptions, manage your existing ones or easily cancel them to stop being charged.

It also offers a “Get Started” link that will let people find apps through what Google says are curated and localized selections.

How do I find it?

While not front-and-center, the Subscriptions Center is not all that difficult to find. Just open up the Play Store and tap on the “hamburger” menu in the upper left (three horizontal lines). From there tap on “Subscriptions Center” and you’re in.

You’ll be presented with a list of all your current subscriptions along with relevant information like when you signed up, how much you are paying and when your next payment will come.

If you choose to cancel, you will then be asked to fill out a cancellation survey in order to, as Google says, provide developers with feedback.

While this is going to be good news for Android users, Google sees this as a great thing for developers, too. They’ll receive better input on their apps from people who unsubscribe, while also making subscribing a more simple experience.

That, in turn, could lead to more people signing up, at least to try things. Without the hassle of unsubscribing, should one decide to ultimately do so, it will be easier to give new apps and subscriptions a shot.

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