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Is your phone watching and listening to you?

Targeted ads can be creepy but most of us are aware of them. If we search for something online, we start to see similar products pop up in ads on other sites we visit. With all the technology surrounding us, it’s hard not to wonder about what our devices do without us knowing.

We have seen Amazon’s Alexa recording everything you say in your home, without saying the wake word. More and more people are finding odd similarities of what they say near their phones and the ads they see.

But are they watching as well as listening?

Phones listening to you

We have seen several instances where people think they are being listened to by their phone. It could be the person is shopping and talking about an item. Then they open their phone and start seeing ads for the same product, without typing anything in.

We have even seen videos that allegedly show Facebook dishing out ads about cats after hearing the user talk about cats. The couple who don’t have any cats claim they have never searched anything about cats on their phone and wanted to put it to the test.

So they started talking about cats in the presence of the phone. Sure enough, a little while later they start seeing ads about cats!

But watching you too?

These allegations come after a lady named Jen Lewis was wearing a pink shirt and jeans, holding a wine glass. Sure enough, she gets a very creepy ad. See for your self.

(Image Credit: Jen Lewis)

Told you so, real creepy! The ad she got was for a bra, but the model is clearly wearing blue jeans and a pink top. She recreated the wine glass, sitting on a couch pose for fun, but as you can see it’s the same outfit.

Facebook said it was pure coincidence, but that’s enough to freak people out. If you are afraid of snooping, make sure you change the settings on your devices. You can limit what gets access to your camera and microphone.

A more concrete fix, you can get lens covers to block the camera just in case there is someone watching. As for the microphone, get a pair of those cheap headphones that have a microphone, clip the cord and plug it in. It will effectively block your microphone from listening in.

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