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Is this what Apple’s iCar will look like?

There have been so many innovations it the world of technology the last couple decades, sometimes it feels like we’re living in a science-fiction flick. When you were a child, did you ever dream about having face-to-face conversations with someone all the way across the country? With apps like FaceTime and Skype, that’s now a reality.

The world of automobiles is also seeing some revolutionary features come to life. Electric vehicles and self-driving cars just to name a couple. That’s why it’s so exciting to know that Apple is working on its own line of cars.

Apple has been one of the most cutting-edge tech companies for decades and is now getting into the car business. The tech giant even hired a technical director from Porsche’s race car program last year to help design some of its car models.

Apple concept cars

So far, Apple has been pretty hush-hush about the details of its line of vehicles. So a creative team of designers at Click Mechanic took it upon themselves to come up with a few ideas. Check out these concept car drawings for a futuristic glimpse at what Apple’s vehicles might look like.

iCar Air


Image: iCar Air (Source: Click Mechanic)

The iCar Air design is based on the MacBook Air. With its sleek aerodynamics, this car could reach super fast speeds in just seconds.

iCar Macintosh


Image: iCar Macintosh (Source: Click Mechanic)

The iCar Macintosh is modeled after the original Apple Macintosh 128k, which was released in 1984. It looks like a true retro vehicle with its big, boxy design.

iCar Power


Image: iCar Power (Source: Click Mechanic)

The iCar Power is inspired by the PowerBook G4, which came out in the early 2000s.

iCar G3


Image: iCar G3 (Source: Click Mechanic)

The iCar G3 is designed after the late 1990s’ iMac G3. It comes in five bright colors to pay homage to the trendy gadgets.

iCar 7


Image: iCar 7 (Source: Click Mechanic)

The iCar 7 has more of a modern-day feel. It comes in a glossy, jet black shell just like the iPhone 7 Plus.

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