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Is Apple admitting that Touch ID is more secure than Face ID?

Apple’s Face ID technology is the most game-changing feature of the iPhone X and it’s most likely going to be the biometric security system of choice for all future iPhones.

From unlocking the phone to cute animated facial tracking “animojis” to Apple Pay and in-app logins, it is now the defining feature that makes the iPhone X the iPhone X, bezel-less notched screen and all. Click here to read more about how Apple’s Face ID works.

Apple touts that Face ID is more secure than Touch ID and the odds of someone duping it is one in a million – vastly superior to the one in 50,000 odds of Touch ID.

However, iPhone X owners are reporting one glaring omission.

Is Face ID not as secure as we think?

This is what’s happening. iPhone X owners are complaining that Face ID is not available for “Ask to Buy” purchases while Touch ID is.

“Ask To Buy” is a security feature that allows parents to approve or reject kids’ app purchases. With it, whenever a kid attempts to download something from the App Store, a parent is required to approve it.

With Touch ID iPhones, parents can simply use their fingerprints to approve the purchases. But without the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone X, we could just use Face ID instead, right? Wrong.

It appears that iPhone X owners will have to enter their entire Apple account password for each “Ask To Buy” purchase since Face ID is not available as an authentication method.

This is surprising since Face ID is already being used as an alternative to Touch ID for logins and other app purchases. Does this mean that Apple is doing a double take on Face ID’s security when it comes to family members?

We’ve seen reports of how kids with strong physical resemblances to their parents have fooled Face ID so maybe Apple is just being too careful about this feature.

Hopefully, they’re just working on some bugs and they will implement it soon because frankly, having to type your Apple account password for each “Ask To Buy” approval can be tedious and annoying.

What do you think? Is this omission Apple’s way of admitting that Face ID is not as secure as Touch ID? Drop us a comment!

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