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iPhone users will love this new Windows 10 feature

Everybody knows Apple makes more than just phones. In fact, iPhones are part of a deeply-integrated ecosystem of products designed for maximum compatibility with one another. Although Apple has seen some criticism for its “walled garden” approach to design, complaints are few when everything works.

As for iPhones and PCs, the story hasn’t always played out so nicely. Due to incompatibility issues, iPhone users need to install several programs and drivers before they can even think about using their new phone with their computer. Tap or click here to learn how to back up your iPhone to your desktop.

But the days of frustrating compatibility issues may be a thing of the past. A newly revealed Windows 10 feature aimed squarely at Apple users is attempting to bridge the gap between PC and iPhone for a seamless experience. We’ll tell you all about it, starting with Dell Mobile Connect.

iPhone users with Dell PCs get a boost

According to a recent news release from Dell, iPhone users who own one of the company’s PCs have something new to look forward to, thanks to developers behind Dell Mobile Connect. Originally designed as an all-in-one smartphone synchronization suite, the app is now expanding with more advanced syncing capabilities and deeper integration with Apple products like the iPhone.

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Starting in Spring 2020, iPhone users will be able to enjoy features like wireless Bluetooth file transfers and app mirroring between their devices and Dell PCs. These features were previously exclusive to Android phones through the Mobile Connect app, but iPhone users could still enjoy features like notifications and text message forwarding.

This new update is a major step in bridging the gap between Windows 10 and iOS, which haven’t always played nice.

When will I be able to use this update? Will it work with my PC?

The update will be available at no charge to iPhone users with a Dell XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware or G Series computers. The update will be through Windows 10, but the official release date has yet to be revealed. Estimates place it somewhere between March and June 2020.

As for compatibility, you’ll need a Dell PC to reap the benefits. Owners of non-Dell desktops or laptops will have to wait to see if their respective manufacturers decide to follow suit. Tap or click here to read Dell’s full news release.

But based on the reception to Mobile Connect, as well as the sheer amount of iPhone/PC users on the market, we hope this represents a new trend in product development.

PCs make up one of the most vulnerable user bases in terms of cybersecurity. Deeper compatibility between them and iPhones may end up putting Apple users at risk. Tap or click here to learn more about a ransomware that targets iTunes and iCloud users on Windows.

As mobile devices slowly overtake our home computers in terms of importance, deeper integration between products — regardless of manufacturer — will be a must; otherwise, those who don’t play ball may be left behind when more flexible products arrive on the market.

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